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Monica Paquino I was lucky enough to get it! I still can't believe this is real, haha!

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Rudy Winobort I got it!! WOhoO!!!! This is the best day ever!

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Manny Jiang Hello everyone, you have give a try. My name is Mark. I am a software engineer by trade. So I am up on what is an internet scam and what isn't. Trust me, IS NOT A SCAM. It's a legit company that will honor any rewards as long as you try out some of the cool product offering from some of their sponsors. Thank you for introducing me to cool new products to try. As well as getting a $15000 reward for doing so.

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Darren Tam Taking the surveys is fun. I was in marketing so I find these surveys very interesting. Then, of course, is the shopping -- and who doesn't like that? It was fun, and I found a lot of great deals. I highly recommend Reward Zone.

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Olivia Mack Has anyone actually won yet? I spun 2 times from both of my accounts but nothing...

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Zhao Wei Fong This thing is all over facebook! I won the free spin, but after that I landed on the red spot anyway.

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Becky Ma I got nothing.. why am I always so unlucky :(

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